Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting My Hands Dirty

I'm starting this blog with the intention that it will help me be accountable. If I say I'm going to start painting one picture a month (or knitting project, or whatever), then I better be posting a new painting (or whatever) every month, and if I'm lucky, there will be people out there to cheer me on and be encouraging. I'm very new to this blog writing thing, but hopefully I'll catch on quickly and make things more interesting as time goes on. So bare with me as I figure out how to post pictures, put up a banner that fits the frame and all the other fun stuff that goes with blogging.

The banners on this blog will be of my art that I have painted in the past few years. I haven't painted in at least a year now and it is a down right miserable feeling. I met with my art group today; I haven't been in over a year. I forgot how weird it feels not having anything to show but critiquing others work anyway. If it's every once in awhile it isn't bad, but when you haven't been in a long time and you haven't shown any new work for what seems even longer it just feels weird. So the plan is to go to art group again next month and have at least one new painting to show for it.

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Rosie_Kate said...

Well, I can't wait to see some of your artwork! I haven't picked up my brushes in at least a year and I surely do miss them. Sigh.

Good luck!