Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally, the weekend!

This week has just drug on and on AND ON! I am so ready for the weekend. Seemed like we always had something to fix, somewhere to go, no pauses and only 1 nap for the whole week. Our schedule is kinda wonky lately and the only way we (by we, I mean my husband and I, the kids schedule is totally normal and she doesn't get our problem.) seem to be able to keep the slightest grip on our sanity is by grabbing a quick nap a few times a week. So, this weekend I think there will be a lot of this going on.

The poor guy can't stay awake unless he is standing up.... and I think he may be learning the art of sleep working.

In other news, I'm taking the small steps to pull out my painting gear and get motivated..... what to paint??? Thinking I should start small, do some quick paint sketches to get the rusty gears moving again. I know I have some unfinished work in that portfolio, but I have a feeling it won't be getting finished any time soon. I'm usually a pretty focused painter, once I start a painting it is really hard to stop and get other tasks done. I once completed a commissioned family portrait in 3 days. I'd like to get back into it like that again. I think the key was always having my easel, paints and brushes out and ready to go. Tomorrow, I hope I can get a spot set up for all that, I may have to tuck away the sewing gear for awhile. Baby steps.

Still a lot of work left on this baby. I just really lost interest in it, the still life is not my thing. I think I also started this with a purple under painting, and it is just such an anal technique (again, not my thing) and I couldn't just quit doing the under painting and start doing what I usually do without it being totally crappy..... at least this way it might kinda look cool unfinished or maybe go over my penciled in sketches with ink. We'll see, this is for a later date though. I need to get those brushes warmed up.

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