Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This girl right here has been keeping me so dang busy I haven't had much time to myself. As soon as I sit down in the evening I'm out, my brain quits functioning and the only sensible thing to do is to go to bed.

It doesn't phase her a bit. She gets to catch up on her beauty sleep on the way to and from the meets. This past weekend we were in the Bitterroot valley at her first swim meet with this team and this division (I really don't know what division we are in... or if that is even the right word, so whatever). It was so much fun for her and really not too bad for us parents either. Most of the families camp out at the pool in tents and RVs and the kids get to run free and get to know each other. This is pretty cool since we will be competing against almost all the same teams at all the meets we go to. Since all the meets are in Montana it gives us a chance to see more of the state and that is pretty cool all by itself. We are meeting some new people, and my kid is getting a healthy taste of friendly competition. I only have good things to say about this division (or whatever) of swimming.... I should really figure out what the 'whatever' is.

The kids on the team are really supportive and encouraging to each other. The longer you are on the team the more like a family every one becomes. My only complaint is with some of the teens need to learn how to act appropriately around the littles... geeze, around every one would be nice. And yes, the 2 on the far right will be cropped; parents were taking these photos, what were they thinking?

These girls, will stand in the shower talking for forever if no mom comes in and tells them to get a move on.... about 16 times. But they are so cute together it is hard to stay mad at them. They get to play card games and stuff in between their events... it's like a beach/slumber party.

My kid swam 4 events on Saturday and landed in the top 12 in three of her events, which means she got to swim in the finals on Sunday. She placed 4th in her relay swim (there were only 4, teams, but 4th is nice to hear) and 10th in her other 2 events. Not a bad start to the season, and it will be fun to see her progress through the summer.

My weeks seem jam packed with chlorine, laundry, packing the camper, unpacking the camper, laundry, pop up the camper, fold up the camper, laundry, hunting down misplaced suits, goggles, caps and God only knows what else. But it really is mostly fun, the weeks just go by so fast, it is hard to stay on top of keeping the house clean and the garden weeded, but so far so good. I just gotta keep on truckin'.


Pricilla said...

How wonderful it all sounds. Lots of family fun...good for Cici.

Send along my congratulations!

Heather said...

Thanks Patty. Passed the message on, and she was pleased to receive them.